Vinyl, CDs, t-shirts


Limited-edition release (300 copies). Audiophile-quality vinyl pressed at world-renowned Pallas pressing plant in Germany. Upgraded stock full-color album jacket, Full-color, two-sided lyric sheet insert designed by Anna with lyrics typed on vintage typewriters. Contains 9 songs and download code for 2 additional songs.


Initial run of only 100 copies. Full-color digipack. Contains 11 songs. Download code and digital lyric sheet can be sent upon request.


Artist/musician Ryan Carroll Nelson (Soccer Team, Minutes, other bands) came up with the t-shirt design for the first shirt. The “Iron” design is available on black unisex t-shirts, and on hot pink “ladies” t-shirts. I’ve been asked about the iron design, and here are Ryan’s words for how he arrived at the design:

“The idea came from looking at Sears catalog ads from the ‘50s, which I am frequently drawn to for references, fonts, and design inspiration. There are illustrations of people who seem to be super excited about being bound to aspects of domesticity, like ironing and loading a dishwasher and cutting the grass, and I started to imagine someone living that life and having a change of heart after giving the situation some thought… choosing another path. The weighty iron seems like a strong symbol of a former life and all that’s attached to it. The other appeal to the drawing references the literal and frequent kinds of afterthoughts people have: “Did I lock the door?” “Did I close the windows? “Did I leave the iron on?” and although that aspect is certainly more lighthearted, my hope is that the illustration works in both ways. The subtle and not so subtle.”