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“Jewels” Video Premiere Her delivery is stark, haunting and occasionally blunt, punctuated by that old ’90s warhorse, the tension/release bridge, with phrasing that borders on the unconventional. Heartbreak is the common thread that weaves its way through “After Thoughts.” There is a powerful vulnerability in the songs, still sharp despite her well-worn heart. They speak of a woman who has learned some hard truths, is unwilling to make compromises and has emerged scarred but smarter.  Buzzbands LA – by Roy Jurgens

Album Review in The Vinyl District. Grade: A-                                                              Punk in spirit rather than style, the assurance of Connolly’s songwriting is felt, the candor striking, the delivery sharp and focused.  The Vinyl District – by Joseph Neff

Anna Connolly is mesmerizing. Her voice. Her virtual mannerisms within the lyrics. Her story telling. Not skirting issues, is what Anna is all about. It’s about time. And in her debut single ’21’, her story telling ability is demonstrated to the fore.  comeherefloyd

The foreboding nature of Anna’s vocals just captivates like velcro and doesn’t let go. Anna is a tour-de-force in projecting the sorrows and stark management of life’s little corners, into song. comeherefloyd

‘After Thoughts’ is a coolly vulnerable set of guitar-based songs about women and men and the spaces between them. [Anna’s] voice is unstudied and occasionally husky, the musical arrangements are no-frills, and the lyrics have blunt surprises. Washington City Paper – by Joe Warminsky

Anna’s halting, raw style of singing feels fresh and familiar all at the same time. While Leonard Cohen and Bright Eyes are clear influences on the music, the stripped down vocals have a marked punk vibe to them: direct, brash, with a sly sense of humor. AudioFemme – by Ashley Prillaman

Connolly chooses to share her reality with an honesty that is both disarming and, at times, difficult to listen to.   WTOP – by Neal Augenstein

A compelling, two-way confessional track. Single premiere of song “21” on The Big Takeover – by Jen Dan

Opening the show in DC was singer-songwriter, and old-school Cristina Martinez friend, Anna Connolly. Anna played a short but catchy set and told fun stories about her relationship with Cristina. Show review of Boss Hog / Escape-ism / Anna Connolly at Rock and Roll Hotel, 4/7/2017 Concert Addicts – by Dan Kulpa

The album “After Thoughts” is like a kick in the gut — and I mean that in the best possible way. Walter Carlton, co-host, Rock in the Rabbit Hole show, Takoma Radio WOWD 89.3 FM. Listen to my on-air talk and performance of four songs live! (link coming soon)

“21” named Track of the Day on Soundblab — 9/26/18

Interview on  Corridor Cast podcast